About MECS

Modern Education and Computer Science Press(MECS Press) is an independent publisher of peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. MECS Press was founded in 2009, and now it currently employs more than 30 employees and publishes 10 open access, peer-reviewed journals.

MECS journals maintain the highest standards of peer review, with more than 150 internationally-recognized Editors serving on the Editorial Boards of MECS journals. Many of the journals that MECS publishes were included in the leading abstracting and indexing databases.


The goal of MECS Press and chief purpose is to transmit information to the global community to further, through publications, the objective of advancing knowledge, education, learning and research. In order to realize the aim, we not only collect and process valuable scientific technological information, but develop and establish the means of its transmission,communication and preservation. We look forward to expanding the offerings of MECS Press as the need for credible sources of information grows in our increasingly scientific and technological world.