Aims and Scope

IJEME is committed to bridge the theory and practice of education and management engineering. From innovative ideas to specific algorithms and full system implementations, IJEME publishes original, peer-reviewed, and high quality articles in the areas of education and management engineering. IJEME is a well-indexed scholarly journal and is indispensable reading and references for people working at the cutting edge of education and management engineering applications.

IJEME publishes 6 issues per year. Published papers will be available on line (free access) and in printed version. IJEME covers the following topics (but not limited to):


Education Information Technology
Educational Technique standard

Network University 
Computer Distance Learning

Special Crowd Computer Education 

School Teachers Educational Technique Ability Training 
The Teaching Resources' Design, Develops and Applies
Modern Distance Learning Resources Effective Applied Research
College Network Education Innovation Research 
Educational Technique's Application in the Vocational-Technical Education 
Teacher Educational Technique Training Studies with the Teacher Career Development 
Digit Sports Research 
New Technology in Teaching Domain Application 
Classroom Instruction Research 
Management Science Teaching Research
Lifelong Education Research 
Artificial Intelligent System 
Control Technology
Production and operation management
Quality control and reliability
Logistics and supply chain management
Application of Systems engineering and Operational research
The safety management
Management of technology, innovation and evaluation
Financial engineering and risk management
Digital library management and technology
Knowledge acquisition, expert systems
Knowledge based systems to support database design
Knowledge management
Management Information Systems
Network culture and harmonious society
Object-oriented enterprise modeling
Organizational management
Project Management
Public Policy Management
Software copyright infringements
Systems analysis and design methods
Information economics
Information Quality and Strategy
Information resource management
Information systems planning and management
Information Technology and sustainable development of corporation
Information Technology Management
Economics of Information and System Security 
Massive Storage and Data Management
Metadata Processing and Management 
Organizational Issues of Information 
Software Agent based Systems in Logistic