Irada Yavar Alakbarova

Work place: Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku, Azerbaijan



Research Interests: Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Social Information Systems


Irada Yavar Alakbarova in 1984 she graduated from the Faculty of Automation of production processes, Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry named after M. Azizbayov. In the same year, she was accepted for employment at the Institute of Information Technology of the ANAS. In currently holds the post of Sector Chief of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS. In 2018, the defense of the dissertation on the “Development of methods and algorithms for analysis of information war technologies in a wiki environment” and she received his Ph.D. (2018). In currently conducts research in the field of Social Network Analysis, Text Analysis, Clustering, Social Credit Analysis, and Big Data Analytics. She is the author of 45 articles and three books.

Author Articles
About One Approach for Intellectual Analysis of Social Processes

By Irada Yavar Alakbarova

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2022

Modern social processes largely depend on the nature of the forms of change in people's lifestyles under the influence of information technology. Information and communication technologies (ICT) affect not only the biological and social development of people, but also their emotional and psychological state, relationships with others, and worldview. A brief review of research in the field of social informatics and the problems mentioned in the article prove the relevance of creating a system of intellectual analysis of social processes. The purpose of the study is to develop a general model for the analysis of social processes. This article discusses research in the field of social informatics and identifies factors that affect social processes in society. The model of a system for analyzing social processes and social relations is proposed. The article consists of four parts: the first part, which is of a general nature, contains general information about social informatics; the second part examines social groups in society and their characteristics, and the third part is devoted to the classification of social processes. The fourth part proposes a new model for the intellectual analysis of social processes. The proposed modeling model, among other advantages, offers an effective solution to the problem of big data, which is the main problem in the analysis of social processes. The proposed approach can be useful for a correct understanding and forecasting of social processes in society. Since the identification of knowledge and forecasting in social processes is an important factor in social progress and the socio-economic development of society.

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Social Credit System as a New Tool in the Management of Citizens' Behavior: Problems and Prospects

By Rasim Mahammad Alguliyev Irada Yavar Alakbarova

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2021

Due to the widespread use of modern information technologies in many countries, government agencies and individual companies are trying to assess the trust, reputation and behavior of citizens on the basis of personal data. Such assessment is called a social credit. Based on Chinese experience, this article identifies the impact of the Social Credit System (SCS) on the behavior of citizens and the problems that it poses in society. The purpose of the study is determine the importance of SCS in the formation of e-government. For this purpose, the principles of SCS “warning and punishment” were studied and key indicators used in the system were identified. Suggestions were developed to improve the effectiveness of SCS and prevent damage to the reputation of a law-abiding citizen by the system. The assessment of citizens on the basis of social credit allows you to get an information about not only the behavior of each person in the country, but also get an information about the general social situation in society. The presence in a society of a large number of citizens with a high credit rating can be an indicator of high quality of life in society. It can also be an indicator of the correct management of society and state.

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