Mintu Kumar Bishnu

Work place: Finance & Accounts Division. Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh



Research Interests: Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms


Mintu Kumar Bishnu is a Deputy Director at Finance & Accounts division in Islamic University, Kushtia. He took his B. Com on Accounting and completed his M.B.S in 1990 on Accounting from Rajshashi University. His research interests include Finance, Public health, Mental health and Data analysis.

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Behavioral Changes of Children Intelligence for the Extreme Affection of Parents

By Prodipto Bishnu Angon Sujit Mondal Chandona Rani Das Mintu Kumar Bishnu

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2021

A nation's most valuable resource is its children. In the future, a nation will be controlled in the same way that a kid will develop. The majority of parent’s lack expertise about how to help their children develop a positive outlook. We concluded in our study by analyzing the association between parental excessive affection and the development of children's intelligence. Through the use of a questionnaire, information was gathered from 531 families. Whereas 43 percent of parents show excessive affection to their children, while 45 percent lavish proper affection. On the other hand, in our study, 48 percent of the children had an IQ score of less than 49. We have identified the alterations in their child's brain as a result of their parents' blind affection and have also identified remedies to the problem. We analyzed it so that the growth of children's intelligence is not hampered by their parents' excessive affection and that the parents and children enjoy a close relationship with their parents.

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