Author Guidelines


The MECS publishes ten scientific journals. The first step in publishing in MECS journals is to identify the appropriate journal for your paper. There are numerous means to locate journal, but the following are some suggestions:

    (1) Check the aims and scope of each journal.

    (2) Submit your article to only one journal at a time.

    (3) Check the efficacy of the journal's review and publication timelines.

    (4) Read the Author Guidelines.

Author Guidelines

This guide describes how to prepare an article for submission and how to submit the article to MECS journals. You can read this in full if you have not previously submitted an article to MECS journals. Before submission, you should familiarize yourself with MECS’s manuscript template and content by reading the journal, either in print or online, particularly if you have not submitted to the journal recently.

Online submission (Manuscript Tracking System - MTS)

Publishing your research article in one MECS journal is simple and efficient. MECS journals use online submission system.

Login or Register to make a submission.

Registration and login are required to submit manuscript online and to check the status of current submissions.

Manuscript Template 

Please download the following templates to format your manuscript.

Download Manuscript Guidelines for preparing their manuscripts (MS Word, PDF)

Download a prepared Manuscript Template (MS Word)

Download Manuscript Template (LaTeX)

Manuscript Checklist 

Please click here to access the Checklist for your manuscript review.

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscript length should be 8 to 19 pages, and it should be written in English. MECS journals can exceptionally accept shorter or longer manuscripts, provided that the scientific content is of high value. All submitted manuscripts must include the following items:


-List of authors, their affiliations, ORCiD and email addresses




-Main body

-Results and discussion


-Acknowledgments (optional)


Please click here to download the additional information regarding the article's structure.

Manuscript submission preparation

The subject of the submission should be within the scope of the journal.

If one submission is not within the scope of the journal, the submission may be recommended to another of MECS journal. The authors may accept recommendation or withdraw the manuscript.

The editorial board only accepts unpublished and original articles within the scope of the journal that are not under review in any other journals/conferences. All published papers are peer reviewed. We publish only papers with positive conclusion of the reviewer.

All manuscripts should be submitted to the online submission system (MTS).

The editorial board only accepts unpublished original articles within the scope of this journal that have not been reviewed in any other journals or conferences. All published papers are peer reviewed. We only publish papers with positive reviews from reviewers.

The instructions are provided to complete the process of uploading your manuscript and attaching relevant files. A condition for successful submission is the upload to the system of the full text of the manuscript, written in accordance with the author's guidelines.

Before publication, authors are required to sign a copyright agreement.

As part of the submission procedure, authors must indicate that their submission complies with all of the following items; submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines may be returned.

    (1) Authors may use Grammarly and iThenticate to examine their manuscripts for errors in grammar and plagiarism.

    (2) The submission has not been previously published or submitted for consideration to other journals (or an explanation has been provided in the remarks to the editor).

    (3) The submitted file is in Microsoft Word (.doc or.docx) or LaTex format, using the site's provided templates.

    (4) The manuscript satisfies the stylistic and bibliographic standards specified in the Author Guidelines.

    (5) The primary author is responsible for ensuring that all other authors have read and authorized the article.

Time from submission for review to publication

The period between submission and publication depends on three factors:

    (1) Looking for a reviewer and receiving the review

    (2) Waiting for the corrected final version

    (3) Waiting in the queue

Despite the fact that the majority of reviewers provide their feedback within two weeks, it is sometimes necessary to find a new reviewer after approximately three weeks if we have not received a response. It should be noted that we typically receive over 3,000 submissions per year, and it is difficult to locate so many reviewers. Cooperation between authors and editors is crucial; authors have the right to suggest reviewers.

Results of the review can be: accept as it is, accept with minor changes, accept with significant changes (repeat of the revies is necessary) or reject. Final version should carefully take into consideration advice of the reviewer.

When the accepted manuscript is ready to publication, it must wait in a queue because we must respect the order of submission. Typically, the period between submission and publication does not exceed 6 months, but if all components of submission procedure are realized efficiently it can be much shorter (2-3 months).

Journal publishing workflow

If you are familiar with the article publication process, you will be aware of exactly where your article is in the publication process, such as Article Reviewed, Article Accepted, and Article Published. You can verify the status of your article with MTS.

Upon acceptance of their manuscript, authors are required to execute a copyright agreement before the manuscript can be published.

Publication Presentation 

After publishing in MECS, your article will be presented in the form of HTML and PDF. You can pay attention to MECS website to check the online version of your article.

It may take 2–8 months from receipt of the last revised version of the paper to online publication! Therefore, this confirmation process is very important. The author can intuitively and timely discover that there may be content that needs to be updated or small problems in the paper! We hope that the authors can check and confirm with the editor within the specified time; otherwise, the author will pay for additional editorial work time.

Article and submission processing charges 

MECS journals do not ask for article publishing processing (APC) or submission fees.

Manuscript cancellation/withdraw charges

Withdrawing a paper that is under review, or that has already been published, is a very serious matter. If there are no obvious problems in the paper, the principle is not allowed. We expect that authors respect the work of our editors; otherwise, the authors should pay for additional editorial work time.

Declaration of generative AI in scholarly writing

The guidance provided below only applies to the writing process, and not to the use of AI tools to analyze and draw insights from data as part of the research process.

Authors should only employ generative artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-assisted technologies to strengthen the language and readability of their writing. Applying the technology should be done with human oversight and control, and authors should carefully review and edit the result, as AI can generate authoritative-sounding output that can be incorrect, incomplete, or biased. It is improper to list AI and AI-assisted technologies as an author or co-author, or be cited as an author.

By following the guidelines, authors should disclose in their article how AI and AI-assisted technologies were used during the writing process. There will be a statement in the published work. Please keep in mind that authors are solely accountable for the information contained in their works.