Anatoly Tunik

Work place: National Aviation University/ Research and Training “Aerospace Center”, Kyiv, 03058, Ukraine



Research Interests: Automation and Control, Control Theory, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture and Organization, Computer systems and computational processes


Dr. Anatoliy Tunik Dr. Anatoly Tunik passed away in 2022. He was with the National Aviation University for many years as head of the department and then a professor. He was highly qualified Professor, D.Sc. (Automation of Design Works), PhD (Control Systems and Processes), M.Sc. and B.Sc. (both in Control Systems), IEEE Senior member. Having more than 30 years of research and teaching experience he supervised many PhD and DSc holders. His areas of interest included data processing, control algorithms, and moving vehicle motion systems and processes. The total number of scientific publications is 365.

Author Articles
Algorithm of Processing Navigation Information in Systems of Quadrotor Motion Control

By Anatoly Tunik Olha Sushchenko Svitlana Ilnytska

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2023

The article deals with creating an algorithm for processing information in a digital system for quadrotor flight control. The minimization of L2-gain using simple parametric optimization for the synthesis of the control algorithm based on static output feedback is proposed. The kinematical diagram and mathematical description of the linearized quadrotor model are represented. The transformation of the continuous model into a discrete one has been implemented. The new optimization procedure based on digital static output feedback is developed. Expressions for the optimization criterion and penalty function are given. The features of the creating algorithm and processing information are described. The development of the closed-loop control system with an extended model augmented with some essential nonlinearities inherent to the real control plant is implemented. The simulation of the quadrotor guidance in the turbulent atmosphere has been carried out. The simulation results based on the characteristics of the studied quadrotor are represented. These results prove the efficiency of the proposed algorithm for navigation information processing. The obtained results can be useful for signal processing and designing control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles of the wide class.

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